Yizumi,The Ultimate In Rubber Injection Moulding Equipment

By APA News Bureau:

Founded in 2002, Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co. Ltd, a Chinese manufacturing enterprise, specialising in injection molding and equipment manufacturing, offers a one-stop-solution integrating the functions of design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and customer service all over China and 60 other countries. The company, which keeps abreast of global developments, operates in five machine divisions of injection molding, die-casting, rubber injection, high-speed packaging, and robotic automation system. It occupies nearly 300,000 sqmt and employs more than 2,700 people. After years of rapid growth, Yizumi has established technology service centres in the US, India, and Vietnam, and appointed more than 30 overseas agents, enabling sales increase in over 60 countries and regions.
“Yizumi, ranked in the top range of the industry, constantly enhances its core technologies and product services, and maintains a steady growth trend. By following the integrated product development (IPD) research and development model, the company upgrades its products and develops new generation of products,” Richard Yan, CEO, PrecisionMachinery Co., Ltd. Guangdong Yizumi, told AutoParts Asia.
“Meanwhile, Yizumi had launched and realized modularized production in conjunction with modular design, modular manufacturing and modular assembly, the revolutionary operating model of Yizumi raises the product quality, and achieves diversity of manufacturing in large-scale production with significantly shorter lead time,” he said.
As a technical innovative and customer oriented enterprise,Yizumi has also been administered as the Vice President unit of the China Plastics Machinery Industry Association (CPMIA) and has been appointed as the project implementation unit for National Advanced Technology Enterprise and National Torch Programme.
“Besides owning technological and engineering centres at the province level, Yizumi also establishes research and development working hubs for research scholars aiming at their doctorate degrees. Yizumi has been granted more than 130 patented technologies and over 100 prestigious accolades since its inception. With the constant expansion into the new evolving element of creativity and innovation, its R & D investments exceeded 90 million RMB in 2017,” Wang Shihai, General Manager, Rubber Division, Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, said. Yizumi is committed to building an integrated ecosystem for polymer moulding and metal forming, and providing customers with product-based turnkey solutions. In 2011, Yizumi acquired all the intellectual property of the century-old American enterprise HPM, to have a dual brand strategy of ‘Yizumi’ and ‘HPM’ in the world market.
Through this acquisition Yizumi got the American market, product range from plastic injection machine to die-casting machine and thixomoulding machine. HPM plans to start business in China in the coming years. To further develop the growing markets and keep up with the pace of globalisation, Yizumi’s Indian subsidiary was founded in 2016, with an area of 8,775 sqmt. Within one year of operation, Yizumi India has successfully manufactured and delivered 100 units of plastic injection machines in India with localized service and it is expected to have rapid growth in the next three years.
In 2017, Yizumi Germany GmbH entered into partnerships with IKV and AZL at Aachen University Campus Melaten. Quality first is the top priority.
By sparing no effort in quality management and technology innovation for the past years, Yizumi won 2017 Guangdong Provincial Government Quality Award and its Semi-solid Magnesium Alloy Injection Thixomoulding Machine won the 19th China Patent Excellence Award. What’s more, Yizumi has earned a spot on Forbes Asia’s Best Under A Billion List 2018. Yizumi Deputy Managing Director Yu Zhuokun attended the forum and awards dinner held by Forbes Asia in Japan with awardees from other small and medium sized enterprises on the list.
It is worth noting that Yizumi has once again earned the recognition of international authoritative media since it appeared on the list of China’s 50 Most Innovative Companies issued by Fast Company in 2016.
As one of the few equipment manufacturers in the list, Yizumi has always been at the forefront of the industry, constantly innovating and boldly expanding business. So far it has developed into an all-rounded moulding equipment manufacturer. At the same time, Yizumi introduces innovative management ideas to support its rapid growth and provides customers with high-quality products and better user experience.
After Dr Hans Wobbe joined Yizumi as Chief Strategy Officer, Yizumi initiated the connection with European state-of-the-art moulding technology, particularly Germany’s advanced technology and ideas and has been constantly improving the product design and manufacturing capability to provide technologically-leading, highly cost-effective turnkey solutions for global customers.

Open Innovation Platform

In order to strengthen global technical exchanges, Yizumi has set up post-doctoral and academician workstations. They are intented to create a high-quality innovation platform, embracing the world’s outstanding partners and innovative talents with an open attitude. Its teams of experts, including engineers and process technicians, in headquarters, North America, India and Germany, focus on the development of industrial manufacturing methods and the exploration of cutting-edge processes. Through the Global Innovation Center the company continues to innovate and explore the depths of the field, not only innovating machine design for the actual demands of its customers, but also developing new materials and new processes, providing new value for customers’ future development.

Listing On ChiNext

On January 23, 2015, Yizumi successfully launched an IPO on the A-share market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and became the first moulding equipment manufacturer that achieved a public listing on ChiNext. China’s moulding equipment industry had the fastest development in the 10 years since the company’s foundation in 2002. A decade ago, foreign brands controlled China’s equipment market. Owing to the obsolete technology and process, the quality of Chinese machines was very unstable and it was hard for a Chinese brand to win a place in the global market. With the development of the industry, breakthroughs were made in product, technology and brand.
More and more Chinese enterprises began foreign trade expansion, and a growing number of overseas customers started to accept Chinese machines. China became an important production base of the global moulding equipment industry.
A lot of internationally well-known enterprises set up their production bases in China, and the Chinese enterprises began to fully participate in global competition. Thus, the basic supply chain has been enhanced. The company was part of this enhancement and growth Besides this, product quality and processes are improving and the Chinese equipment enterprises are becoming more and more important in the global market. Right now, Chinese enterprises have entered a new era, and the strong grows stronger either being the best in the segment or ‘walking out’ to join the global competition for more market share. And all of these depend on consistent breakthrough in products and technology.
Global quality service: Yizumi has been having a rapid growth in global sales, and it provides free of charge service under warranty. Offering guarantee for the quality of global service is also a challenge for the company.
Production cost reduction: The company is facing the challenge of how to lower the manufacturing cost and continue to provide cost-effective machines for its customers. The machine cost includes material cost and manufacturing cost. Yizumi RIM is high-end customer-oriented, and the whole electrical and hydraulic control system adopts the world’s top ranking brands with stable performance.
While mechanical parts do machining as per high standards, there is no cost advantage against European competitors. The advantage of lower Chinese labour cost also is dwindling.
However, Yizumi RIM has its own strength and capabilities. They include: a powerful mechanical parts machining platform for precision machining of key components; all implementation in strict accordance with quality management system standards to ensure the stability of each machine; and continuous state-of-the-art technology and applications merged into Yizumi RIM to maintain advancement in every detail.

Pre-sales Support

Purchasing machinery is a major investment for most buyers and they would need technical inputs and customisation. Highly valued pre-sales service is one of the company’s important strategies. Its project teams work with professional technology research institutes and auxiliary equipment suppliers to provide full scope pre-sales service, including product design, material selection, mould design, auxiliary equipment, machine selection, inspection of equipment and professional technician recommendation, etc. Before machine delivery, customer will be made familiar with the machine operation from the first training at Yizumi, and its service engineers will give second training to operators during machine installation and commissioning, including operating in workshop, and theatrical training in office. Training materials such as PPT or even video for different machines will also be provided. Besides customised machines, the company has seven other machine series to suit the diverse types of rubber products which are different in shape and performance demand. Customers’ requirements also vary a lot. The teams recommend different machine series for customers with different products. When customers have no idea of which model fits for them, detailed analysis, including TCO evaluation based on customers’ needs are offered.
The company also has arrangements for after-sales service as the RIM technology needs it. Normally service is provided within four working hours. It will provide institutional support or send technicians, according to customer’s needs and feedback. The biggest challenge in after-sales service is the difficulty in understanding the real needs of the customers. Language is a barrier. Most of them are not well-versed in English.
The company will have timely online and offline communication with customers. For some key regions, it will have direct communication with customers. Now it is convenient to have real time communication through mail, internet and all kinds of social media software (e.g. Wechat, What’s App, Skype) to share and interact with pictures and videos. It has experienced local machine service teams in Europe, India, Brazil, etc., to provide professional technical services to customers. And Yizumi has partners in all the major regions in the world.

Best Practices

Yizumi has its own best practices for supporting its customers to set up a rubber injection moulding unit. The company will send its professional technicians to help the buyers with the machine installation. This will be a long-term partnership. The company has solutions for enhancing the process efficiency and reducing the energy consumption. There are different kinds of energy saving power units. It analyses consumption of each heating unit and machine movement, and achieves the real energy saving effect on the machine. Regarding high efficiency, the company has improved moving speed of the second generation machine to a suitable range to reduce cycle time, with clamping force improved to meet higher curing pressure and reduce curing time. Meanwhile, optional and automation devices are provided to reduce cycle time. All those updates and best practices improve machine efficiency. Yizumi has definite views on the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of its equipment. According to the company to evaluate correct TCO, attention should be paid to correct basic data; customer’s actual production status; and the ultimate benefits from them for the customers.

Facing Global Brands

Normally, the European brand RIM is high in both performance and price, and it is widely accepted as good machines, but what Yizumi prefers is to recommend a machine that is suitable for the customer.
The company adopts modular design including five different types of injection plasticizing structure (injection volume 0.15L-80L), and seven types of clamping structures (clamping force 25T-1800T) in total. The injection plasticising unit in different structure and different volume and clamping unit in different structure and clamping force can form 51 machine models, among which one can have five different power systems with more than 30 other optional devices for choices. The company offers suitable technology, machine model and configuration according to customer’s needs. Customization is also available to guarantee that the customer can purchase more suitable equipment and avoid the waste of machine performance and functions. Meanwhile, it is the first RIM manufacturer to provide globally free after-sales service within warranty. Even after warranty, it will provide life-long machine maintenance and upgrade service for a fair price.
Innovation is one of Yizumi RIM’s major competences. Instead of adopting ‘creative imitation’ strategy, we adopt new designs, which generate from the company people’s professional knowledge, experience accumulation, and buyer’s potential demand.
The continuous spontaneous innovation comes from its culture, and enterprise culture comes from a perspective system. A visit to the company will reveal this unique enterprise culture, including everyone participating in kaizen initiatives all-year round. Precision and automation are key requirements in rubber injection moulding industry. Automation is built up on precision, it is also a key point in large batch production in rubber moulding industry and the company has been investing lots of resources in this field.
For example, auto injection moulding machine for dynamic seals, auto injection moulding machine for bushings in automobile industry, and auto injection moulding system for hollow core insulator take the leading place in the industry.

R & D

Yizumi spends over five percent of its turnover on research and development (R&D) works every year. Some projects are linked to university institutes, some with its customers. The company has national inspection centres as well as engineering departments specialised for the trial-manufacturing of new products. It has the world’s largest R&D team in the industry. The team comprises over 200 members. They are from electrical control, hydraulic, automobile project, energy project, sophisticated products project, compress moulding machine project and mould design.
The company’s technology centre will co-operate with every project team to provide professional solution with lower production cost and higher product quality to customers in quick response. These project teams also keep in touch with professional technology research institutes and auxiliary equipment suppliers to provide comprehensive information to customers. The company has an advanced management and kaizen system. The managing experience is also open to help the customers in need of improving management skills.

Social Responsibility

Yizumi practices social responsibility of the company, maintains the concern for social welfare, and actively integrates into the development of community. While the equipment business continues to grow, the company has always remembered and fulfilled its social responsibilities and obligations as a corporate citizen, actively carrying out social activities, developing with local community harmoniously and caring for employees’ physical and mental health.
Yizumi Sports Park, a professional sports facility in Shunde (Ronggui) High-Tech Industrial Zone, adjacent to Meijiao River, covers an area of more than 25,000 sqmt. With an investment of over 30 million RMB, the Park is a public-benefit project completed in BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model, which means the company is responsible for the infrastructure construction, management and operations of the sports park and its return to government after 25 years.
The company is passionate about philanthropic events and actively shoulders the corporate social responsibilities. As the founder of Foshan Charities Alliance, the company spares no efforts to make contributions to local charities. It is committed to building a human-centred corporate culture and carries out various cultural, sports and recreational activities every year to enrich employees’ lives. Those activities make the business more cohesive, enhance employees’ sense of belonging and builds up happiness in the company.

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