Wang Shihai, General Manager Yizumi Rubber Machinery Co.Ltd

Q: Purchasing machinery is a major investment for most buyers and they would need technical inputs and customization. What level of pre-sales support does Yizumi Rubber Machinery offer?

A: Highly valued pre-sales service is one of Yizumi’s important strategies. Our project teams work with professional technology research institutes and auxiliary equipment suppliers to provide full scope of pre-sales service, including product design, material selection, mould design, auxiliary equipment, machine selection, inspection equipment and professional technician recommendation, etc.

Q: In Rubber Moulding Industry, the emphasis is on enhancing process efficiency and reducing energy consumption. How do your solutions help your buyers?

A: Energy consumption and efficiency are things we all emphasise. Let’s talk about energy consumption, some people think that energy saving machine is simply adopting servo motor hydraulic pump. However, this is one-sided. For the conventional RIM, curing time takes up a large proportion in the whole cycle (some may reach more than 80 percent), you will find adopting servo motor pump is not an optimised option after TCO evaluation. For example, energy saving motor and variable pump is more optimal than servo motor and rated pump in TCO. What’s more, energy consumption for RIM heating and machine movement also takes up a big proportion. Besides different kinds of energy saving power units, Yizumi analyses consumption of each heating unit and machine movement, and we have achieved the real energy saving effect on machine, for example, by analysis on every single detail when designing oil circuit and components in lower energy consumption, while improving oil circuit design and some component models with a few more material costs to reach the goal of going lower than TCO.
Regarding high efficiency, Yizumi has improved moving speed of the second generation machine to a suitable range to reduce cycle time, with clamping force improved to meet higher curing pressure and reduce curing time. Meanwhile, optional and automation devices are provided in order to reduce cycle times. All these updates above have improved machine efficiency.

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