Tata Motors, ASDC boost collaborative skill development

Tata Motors and Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC) have certified the first batch of trainees under their collaborative skills development and certification programme. Introduced in 2016, the program is currently training around 4000 apprentices, out of which 166 trainees (94 boys and 72 girls) at Pune Plant of Tata Motors. They were awarded the ASDC Certification in automotive assembly skills. The trainees, after completion of their first-year training at Tata Motors’ skill development centre, were assessed through an online test, a practical examination and a viva conducted by the external ASDC nominated assessor.

Gajendra Chandel, Chief Human Resource Officer, Tata Motors, Satish Borwankar, Chief Operating Officer, Tata Motors and Sunil Chaturvedi, Chief Executive Officer, ASDC were present at the function.

“With the evolution in automobile manufacturing and service, the need for skilled workforce will continue to increase exponentially, with a huge potential to generate large-scale employment opportunities. Sowing the seeds of learning has short, mid and long-term benefits, and we at Tata Motors foresee this as the foundation to prepare them as well the Indian Automotive Industry for future growth,” said Gajendra Chandel.

Sunil Chaturvedi said that the ASDC has contributed to the development of the automotive industry by creating 200 Qualification Packs (QPs) comprising of 363 Unique National Occupational Standards (NOS) and total 946 NOS related to the automotive sector.

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