Sundram Fasteners Wins Deming Prize For 17 Plants At One Shot

Sundram Fasteners Limited (SFL), part of $7.2 bn TVS group has won the prestigious Deming Prize for all its seventeen plants located in India. The Deming Prize will be formally presented to SFL on November 14, 2018 in Tokyo.

The Deming Prize is a highly acclaimed quality award presented by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) to companies that have achieved breakthrough results by the application of TQM.

SFL experienced distinctive performance benchmarks being created by TQM and decided to implement TQM in a systemized and unified manner across its plants. The TQM initiative at SFL was driven by the comapny’s Managing Director, Arathi Krishna. She is the first woman Managing Director ever to receive the award.

Krishna said, “It is especially gratifying that SFL has managed to simultaneously win the Deming Prize for all its seventeen different plants which cover a range of technologies from casting to forging and products and customer segments from Aerospace to commercial vehicles to cars and wind-mills in a short span of six years. Winning this award is a confirmation of the practices that we have been implementing at all our plants. It is a testimony to our persistent drive towards quality and catapults us to be among the best companies globally.”

Commending total employee involvement in the TQM journey she said, “The cooperation of the people and their singular focus to succeed has helped SFL make quick and successful strides in reaching our goal.”

It may be recalled that SFL has already won international acclaim in quality by being a pioneer in TPM. The company has won the TPM Excellence Award from JIPM, Japan in 1998 and became the first in the engineering industry to get this recognition.



Congratulations ! Praying the Almighty for further success. We too proud to hear the same being a part as Vendor of SFL.

Feeling proud to be part of SFL. Many records created by winning Deming.

1) 17 units in a single attempt.
2) 1st Women leader winning this prestigious award.

Really I feel proud to be part of the company for 32 years and no surprise. SFL winning this prestgeious award! I wish much more awards in the future!

I am happy & proud of the achievement of winning Deming award for the 17 plant at one shot. Iam so happy being one of the old employee joined in SFL in 1966 & retired after 45 years of service.

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