PTT Lubricants Targets Future Mobility Markets

By APA News Bureau:

The Thailand-based PTT Lubricants envisages electric mobility to be an opportunity to gain more market share for its products and create higher customer satisfaction. The company also has a strategy and mission for digital transformation. PTT Lubricants plans to use data analysis to do consumer personalisation promotion in each segment. It also targets potential emerging markets like India.
“Lubricants are very competitive products. In terms of marketing and technology, we have to compete with major international oil companies. With high technology, PTT Lubricants brand is also internationally recognized in more than 40 countries all over the world. We also offer products in multi-channel to customers, online is another purchasing channel. We do it in a big way in Thailand with online purchasing platforms such as Lazada, Shopee etc,” Buranin Rattanasombat, Senior Executive Vice President, Lubricants Business, told AutoParts Asia.
PTT Lubricants has been having the highest market share in Thailand for more than nine years consecutively. It provides a full range of high-performance products with advanced technology at affordable prices, including: automotive, industrial, specialty lubricants, greases and variety of other lube-related technical services.
PTT Lubricants, one of the rising stars of PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited (PTTOR), has been distributing to Thai consumers for more than 30 years, with a philosophy: `The Moving Innovation’. PTT Lubricants is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Now, PTT Lubricants is ready to go beyond its borders to become a ‘Pride and Treasure of Thailand’ on a global scale.
“PTT Lubricants is aware of the stringent emission norms. For our own in-house R&D, a fully equipped state-of-the-art research institute in Southeast Asia, known as PTT Innovation Institute, was established in Thailand. With high standard test instruments and experts, we are able to develop internationally accredited high-quality products complying with every required standard with specially made features for capability and reliability by conducting comprehensive tests in real-world conditions for consumers in every sector,” said Buranin.
As a group company of the Thai National Oil Company, PTT operates comprehensive petroleum businesses covering the upstream Petroleum and Gas business group and downstream petroleum business group managed by 43 affiliates, including fuel oils, LPG, lubricants, and retail products locally as well as internationally. With various supply sources within PTT group affiliations, the company will be able to manage and optimise the supply chain sustainably. Subsequently, PTT Lubricants has been able to acquire competence in developing high quality and economically-priced products which are competitive in the market.
About the various products, Buranin mentioned that “PTT Lubricants has been continuously developing products and services with the highest standard. We offer SN and SN PLUS accreditation. (API SN PLUS is the new motor oil specification for turbocharged engines. Maintaining your vehicle’s performance means protecting turbocharged engines from Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI). Automakers are the driving force behind API SN PLUS, a new supplemental motor oil specification that protects turbocharged engines.) We have launched Performa Super Synthetic 0W-20 API-SN Plus suitable for Turbo GDI gasoline engine, that helps to save fuel and Dynamic Commonrail 10W-30 CI-4/SL, a synthetic technology diesel engine oil recommended for modern diesel pick-up trucks with common rail system. The products have ‘Clean and Lock’ technology which cleans deposits, locks cleanliness to maximise engine efficiency.”
About the products offered to support vehicle manufacturers especially those try to increase drain intervals, Buranin said, “With R&D, PTT Lubricants has been developing high quality products such as Dynamic Extra Long drain 10W-40 API CJ-4 that are designed for heavy-duty diesel engine with DDL Booster technology to enhance engine cleanliness, prevent sludge formation and maximise oil drain intervals up to 100,000 km (depending on OEM’s manual, engine and working conditions).”
While mentioning about the future plans of PTT Lubricants, he said that the company is committed to operating the lubrication business with continuous R&D development.
“Our vision is to make our products the highest standard lubricant brand of the Thai people. The goal is to be a proud brand of the Thais. Now, we are accepted both domestically and internationally,” said Buranin.

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