OptimumG Exhibits Vehicle Dynamics, Engineering Consulting Services At Automotive Testing Expo

Visitors of the Automotive Testing Expo USA 2016 at  OptimumG Stand had many things to learn more about the company’s vehicle dynamics engineering consulting services such as In-lab and on-track tire testing, In-lab and on-track vehicle testing, including objective and subjective analysis, Data analysis and database management, Vehicle dynamics simulation and Technology transfer through seminars and workshops.

OptimumG, an international vehicle dynamics consultant group, works with automotive companies and motorsports teams to enhance their understanding of vehicle dynamics through seminars, consulting, and software development. The company’s expertise in vehicle dynamics is proven through numerous completed engineering projects wilh the goals of objective and subjective evaluations of vehicles. OptimumG brings an array of vehicle testing knowledge through its experience in analysis and explortation of laboratory tests with a large number of completed
kinematics and compliance (K & C), wind tunnel, 7 post rig, moments of inertia, and center of gravity testing procedures. Our talented engineers showcase excellent testing driver communication skills leading to consistent subjective evaluations of vehicles and strong correlation results between the subjective evaluations and objective parameters.

OptimumG’s Applied Vehicle Dynamics and Data Driven Performance Engineering Seminars are given to hundreds of participants each year and are held at various locations throughout the world. Seminar participants gain an understanding of how, why, and how much certain factors affect vehicle behavior, rather than relying solely on experience and intuition. OptimumG also offers advanced workshops or private, on-site seminars tailored to topics of special interest to its clients. The engineers at OptimumG have developed software programs to help automotive
professionals develop and design their vehicles.


It is a tire data visualization and tire modeling tool that allows better insight into how a particular tire operates and allows users to run more accurate vehicle simulations.


It is a computational vehicle dynamics sottware that allows users to determine their car design and setup parameter sensitivity and their influence on car behavior and lap time.


It is a software that aids in suspension design and analysis faster and more convenient than other software systems on the market.

NB: Photo is representational

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