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Measurement. Accuracy. Certainty. These concepts allow engineers in research, product development and manufacturing to turn mere ideas into tangible, working results. MTS Systems Corporation is dedicated to making this transformation faster, easier and more successful.

Since 1966, MTS has worked side-by-side with engineers in a wide range of industries to solve complex challenges. Today, MTS high-performance testing and sensing solutions are deployed around the world, enabling precise control of forces and motions as well as real-time feedback that optimizes performance.

MTS works closely with innovators in the Automotive Industry and forges partnerships that produce pioneering technologies and redefine precision and control. Maximizing the test throughput and operational efficiency, MTS Systems is pioneering a new generation of durability testing tools to help automotive manufacturers realize significant time and cost savings in the face of rising expectations for product quality and complexity. Engineered for maximizing durability test throughput and achieving new levels of operational efficiency, these next-generation tools will usher in a new era of innovation on the durability testing timeline: Durability 4.0.

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Full Vehicles   Shashank Singh, Systems Integration Engineer, MTS Systems

Elastomer, Damper, Components & Subsystems  Steve Haeg, Senior R&D Engineer, MTS Systems

Tires  Steve Sattler, Senior Applications Engineer, MTS Systems

Auto Component Test Solutions

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide rely on MTS for the test and simulation expertise, technology and support required to adapt to the advent of autonomous and electric vehicles, rapidly evolving vehicle complexity and an increasingly competitive global market. The MTS portfolio features an array of next-generation durability, vehicle dynamics and aerodynamics solutions to meet these challenges faster, with limited staff, fewer prototypes and at a lower cost.

The automotive component suppliers face an array of global trends that are changing the way they pursue testing and validation of their products. Principal among these is the rising complexity and interaction of components and active subsystems. This is driving changes in test requirements, and consequently, the evolution of testing technologies and methods. Also significant is the intensifying competition among the component suppliers.

Today’s OEMs can be more selective, which effectively pushes product testing down the supply chain. Increasingly, OEMs are demanding that suppliers model their designs and provide test data that validate component quality and performance.
To help suppliers adapt to this evolving landscape and align with OEM requirements with speed, efficiency and confidence, MTS offers The Modular MTS TestLine™ Component Test Solutions.

The MTS TestLine is a versatile set of modular components for creating cost-effective test systems that can be reconfigured as needs change. Precision-engineered to the highest quality and designed for seamless integration, the hardware and software used in TestLine Solutions are the same as those developed for the most advanced MTS custom systems, which are deployed worldwide by virtually all major OEMs.

Comprising a variety of robust, multi-degree-of-freedom test rigs and industry-renowned RPC® Pro software, the MTS portfolio includes all the tools needed to evaluate accurately the durability of components, subsystems and full-vehicles, ranging from motorcycles to passenger cars to heavy trucks and agricultural equipment.
MTS will be participating in the forthcoming SIAT in Pune, organised by ARAI.
Three experts from the company will be present at the booth to assist visitors on several aspects including the Full vehicle, Tyres and Elastomer / Dampener / Components & Sub-systems.

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