John Deere launches four-wheel-drive 3028EN tractor in India

John Deere has unveiled the four-wheel-drive 3028EN tractor, which offers advanced technology and features suited for orchard and paddy farming. The introduction of the tractor is the latest example of Deere providing Indian farmers with technologically-advanced products that offer a wide range of farm solutions including tractors, harvesters and implements. Deere and Company is an American corporation that manufactures agricultural, construction, and forestry machinery, diesel engines, drivetrains used in heavy equipment, and lawn care equipment.

“Our journey in India began 20 years ago with the introduction of advanced product features such as power steering, oil immersed disk brakes, planetary reduction, force feed lubrication and high torque machines,” said Satish Nadiger, Managing Director. John Deere was the first to introduce these features in India and they have now become an industry standard, he added.

Now, John Deere has tractor manufacturing plants in Pune and Dewas. Harvester manufacturing in Sirhind (Punjab), Electronics system manufacturing, Engineering centre, Technology centre in Pune and Parts distribution centre in Nagpur.

Nadiger said John Deere is also meeting the need to bring new technologies to tractors and farm equipment that lower the overall cost of farm operations, reduce the number of operations needed in the field, and improve the speed of seeding and fertilizing equipment.

He added that introduction of technologies such as front PTO (power take off) and speciality designed front farm implements have helped reduce the cost of some operations by over 25 percent.

John Deere Technology centre Pune provides services and solutions adding value in areas of product engineering, manufacturing, quality, supply chain, IT solutions and customer support services to various John Deere businesses globally. John Deere’s Engineering Centre has responsibility worldwide for Deere’s design and innovation in utility tractors.

Tractors and harvesters made in India are exported to more than 110 countries worldwide and John Deere India has been an award recipient of the Export Excellent Promotion Council Award for 15 consecutive years.

“We provide John Deere products for a variety of agro-climatic conditions and crop types and this has been key to our growth in India. Our product portfolio serves individual farmers, contract farmers and entrepreneurs who are in the business of custom hiring,” said Rajesh Sinha, Director, Sales and Marketing.

In 2017, John Deere acquired Wirtgen Group, the world’s largest road construction company, which has a factory in Pune.

“Precision and advanced technologies in the agriculture crop value chain are critical. Industry, academia and governments are coming together to have a far-reaching impact on productivity and farmer profitability. John Deere will continue to be a leader in these efforts and work on behalf of our customers,” said Mukul Varshney, Director, Corporate Affairs.

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