ELGi launches oil-free air-compressor range

ELGi Equipments has launched its range of oil-free air-compressors at the recently held Compressed Air Best Practices Conference in Chicago. ELGi’s oil-free range comprises machines ranging from 60 horsepower and 100 horsepower with 7 and 8.8 Bar pressure options. The air-cooled designed will ensure ease of installation at all customers, while the aluminium coolers will ensure efficient cooling. High-efficiency NEMA motors power the machines with separate ducting for noise reduction. ELGi is one of five companies in the world with a proprietary oil free Airend design.

“Though small relative to the lubricated screw compressor segment, oil-free compressors are growing in prominence owing to environmental and clean air considerations. In traditional oil-flooded compressors, oil plays the roles of lubricant, sealant, and coolant. As a result, the discharged air has trace amounts of oil, which would be unacceptable to sensitive industries such as food and beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Oil-Free compressors produce oil-free air, by having no oil in the compression chamber,” said Anvar Jay Varadaraj, Global Head Marketing & Corporate Communications.

The global market demand for oil free air compressors is US$4 billion in 2017 with an estimated growth rate of 3 – 4% by 2024.

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