Apple – A New Threat to Detroit?

By Louis Rumano Apple is famous for its “think-way-outside-the-box” innovations and that should worry the traditional auto manufacturing industry. While Detroit still welds metals, Apple is busy securing patents for moldable metals, similar to plastics! Recent bankruptcies of General Motors, Chrysler and the city of Detroit notwithstanding, Detroit still is the Motor City – all […]

Long-term Growth intact for Indian Automotive Aftermarket: Frost & Sullivan

The independent aftermarket is likely to gain from automaker dealership segment for vehicle servicing, repair and replacement The poor condition of roads and, consequently, the increased wear and tear of automobile parts are heightening the need for vehicle maintenance in India. Along with the country’s rapidly emerging status as the manufacturing hub for global automakers, […]

Electric Powertrains to make enormous progress in China by: Frost & Sullivan

The New Energy Development Program and other Government initiatives have been driving changes in the powertrain market. With the Chinese Government’s push and pull strategy of new energy vehicle development, gasoline powertrains’ unit production market share is expected to slightly reduce to 94.9 percent, while the electric vehicle (EV) powertrain segment’s share will expand to […]