BFW, Universal Robots Tie-up For MSME Automation

By APA Bureau:

Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd (BFW) and Universal Robots have joined hands to leverage the growth trajectory of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector in India.
BFW, a leading machine tool manufacturer in India, in association with Universal Robots, the pioneer and leader of Collaborative Robots (Cobots), plans to enter the MSME sector with new and affordable automation solutions. Both the companies hope to leverage the productivity of the MSMEs by integrating collaborative robots with their manufacturing processes. This is to disrupt their traditional production infrastructure with top-notch automation solutions which will dramatically impact productivity, quality and working conditions.
The two companies aim to redefine the production processes by deploying robotic arms through the modular, flexible and user-friendly integration solution platform – Arjun. Advanced user-friendly and light industrial robotic arms will impact productivity, quality and working conditions of the MSMEs as they will automate and streamline repetitive industrial processes efficiently and empower the shop floor for high-value creative activities.
Ravi Raghavan, Managing Director, BFW, said that about 60 percent of the company’s customers are from the MSME sector and more than half of them would be eager to deploy collaborative robots to enhance their manufacturing competitiveness. This will fuel the growth of the company, which has been growing at about 40 percent CAGR for the past five years. Integration of Cobots will help the MSMEs to add value by incorporating several systems, including gauging and intelligence.
Pradeep David, General Manager, Universal Robots, South Asia, quoting a study, said, the growth projection for Cobots is estimated to be significant across the globe in different industry segments. With respect to machine tools, he said, the Cobots in CNC machining centres are projected to grow from about USD 60 million now to about USD 600 million in around five years. The company that entered India about three years ago has been witnessing doubling of growth every year. With the tie-up with BFW, “we expect growth in multi-folds,” he added.

Link With WIN Automation

BFW has also announced its partnership with WIN Automation Solutions to jointly offer customers modular scalable and comprehensive factory automation solutions in milling, turning and special purpose machines. These solutions consist of smart machines, intelligent material handling/automation systems synchronising the material flow to manufacturing/assembly needs, providing data analytics to maximize OEE, productivity, quality, inventories etc.
Praful Shende, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, BFW, told AutoParts Asia that this partnership will help BFW to cater to the automation requirements of its customers in almost all the segments. While solutions offered along with Universal Robots are confined to components of 10 kg and to automate machines, the solutions offered along with WIN are to automate, along with vision systems, the entire factory, starting from the material flow to the flow of information. Since seamless integration of material, information flow and digital environment with deployment of comprehensive Industry 4.0-compliant solutions are going to be key imperatives for manufacturing companies in India and in Asia, these solutions are going to be very helpful.
According to Pratik Kumar, CEO, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering (WIN), with the balanced automation, offered by both the partners, the productivity increase will be up to 20 percent with RoI of less than two years. It will help the users to have better planning as the system inculcates organised work flow. The ability to respond to the changing needs is key and the automation solutions will enable users to cater to their customers qualitatively faster, Shende said.
Industrial automation for manufacturing is a USD150 billion opportunity globally and India is a nascent market. It is expected to grow rapidly and exponentially. Indian Manufacturing is poised to grow to USD1 trillion by 2025 and will be ranked among the top three economies of the world. To accomplish this, manufacturing sector has to overcome challenges related to productivity, competitiveness, flexibility and agility of response to swiftly changing business environment.
Wipro Infrastructure Engineering is a diversified business with expertise spanning over four decades of engineering and manufacturing excellence in the fields of Hydraulics, Industrial Automation, Aerospace, Water treatment and Additive manufacturing.

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