ADAS iiT Consortium gets Innovation Award

The ADAS iiT Consortium– Innovation in Test has been honoured with the 2018 Technical Innovation Award by National Instruments (NI). The prize is awarded to partner companies who employ new NI technologies at an early stage, thereby reflecting their roles as early adopters who promote innovation in particular. The ADAS iiT offers test solutions for virtual test drives to evaluate modern sensors and Sensor Fusion Electronic Control Units (ECU).

The four partner companies in the ADAS iiT Consortium-Konrad Technologies, SET, S.E.A. Data Technology and measX& Co. KG companies- have pooled their expertise to create a unique one-stop solution for simulating and validating Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for autonomously operated vehicles.

The NI’s Technical Innovation Award has been awarded since 2013. It honours partner companies that, in their role as early adopters, have deployed new NI technologies early on and have thereby particularly distinguished themselves in promoting innovation.

“Autonomous driving is one of the most discussed subjects of our day. The development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems is moving forward rapidly — but until now, the testing procedures for it were always very expensive. That is precisely where ADAS iiT comes in, It offers the customer an integrated test solution based on the NI platform under real-life conditions,” said ”, Michael Konrad, Managing Director of Konrad Technologies.


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