inmess Testing Equipment Ensures Perfect Interaction Between Vehicle And Tyres

Premium vehicle manufacturers demand 100 percent control of the complete wheels to ensure requisite safety margins, excellent drive characteristics and low fuel consumption. The “quality package” in a complete wheel assembly line includes high-tech equipment, such as uniformity measurement and bead seat optimizing machines. The requirement for rim run-out testing is becoming more and more evident.
inmess started in the nineties its intense development efforts with many well-known OEMs. Laboratory testing with tyre bead contact pressure measuring, rolling resistance measuring and endurance testing machines were installed globally. In 2003, inmess supplied the first uniformity measuring machine for full production requirement of complete wheels to Volkswagen in Germany. More machines followed in combination with the unique inmess bead seat optimizer to other leading OEMs.
Grading of the radial and lateral force variations in a rolling tyre, its ply steer and conicity,and the radial and lateral run-out are prerequisites for substantial statements about the quality level of a complete wheel production site. Geometrical measuring is an important additional feature to a uniformity measurement machine. The geometrical inspection of a tyre is becoming a more important test, therefore the run-out analysis is being increasingly recommended by most of the OEMs. Radial and lateral run-out are the geometric variations in the tyre tread and sidewalls with respect to the nominal values considered in the quality control. inmess has gained a deep knowledge in the measurement process of uniformity through the last years with complete wheel assemblies and is now considered as one of the world´s leading suppliers of uniformity machines.
In 2014, leading OEMs announced the requirement to run-out test 100 percent rims from their complete wheel suppliers. inmess recognized the need of the market for an automatic measuring machine that ensures the 100 percent quality control of the rim in a wheel assembly line. A brand new run-out tester was launched into the market by using laser technology instead of the measuring rollers. Five machines have been installed already by leading OEMs by the end of 2017 and four new installations are to follow this year.

The use of laser triangulations not only provides the conventional application for measuring the run-out error to set up the matching point, but also supplies much more data to give a full 3D model of the rim. A complete comparison between the 3D model and the measured model is made to conduct a full quality inspection. This method of analysis is a fast and transparent solution for locating problems, particularly for investigation of complaints being submitted to the rim manufacturer.
Uniformity measurement in production lines is a difficult subject regarding compactness, robustness, cycle time and reliability. inmess provides compact machine concepts to meet production demands in terms of space and cycle time.
Only with an optimal seat of the tyre bead on the rim can a stable uniformity measurement be guaranteed. The inmess bead seat optimizer (BSO) is designed to run the wheel under simulated field conditions and to optimize the fit of a tyre on a new mounted wheel assembly. Only a long series of complex measurements can ascertain the optimal fit of a tyre on the rim and check if there are air inclusions between the tyre-bead and rim. Accordingly, it is recommended to optimize the tyre’s fit on every wheel. The optimal fit minimizes and even precludes subsequent complaints (due to uniformity imbalance) on the grounds of a tyre shifting on the new rim during the first acceleration. The inmess BSO machine was developed and patented in cooperation with Audi in Germany. Now the machine is approved for supply to customers globally.
With the continuous development of new products, inmess plans to launch their new high speed uniformity measuring machine for complete wheels by the end of 2018. It applies here that all the knowledge which has been gained through experience and previous developments helped inmess attain another success.


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